baba balak nath mantra
  • Deotsidh, Distt-Hamirpur (H.P)
  • Phone No. - 01972:286354

Sr. No.Name of WorkYear of Completion
1. Water proofing treatment over the terrace of Sanskrit College at Chakmoh 2015
2. Painting work in BBN Saskrit College at Chakmoh
3. Water proofing treatment over the terrace of Arts-block at College Chakmoh
4.Protection with interlinking chain along path near sarai No-7
5.C/o Basement & Ground floor of sarai No-3 in Lower bazaar2014
6.C/o Shed at barrier near PWD Rest-House
7.C/o R/wall along curve at RD 0/236 to 0/277 Km on Road to langar
8.C/o Culvert on Nalla & damaged path to Baba Ji Ki Bouri
9.P/f terrazzo tiles on steps from Mata Temple to sarai No-6
10.Modification of steps from Bus-stand to bazaar near Mata Temple
11.Repair of damaged boundary wall & partition in room in degree College Chakmoh
12.P/L tiles flooring in library hall at Degree College Chakmoh
13.P/f Checkered tiles on the path from from old Bus-stand to PWD Rest-House
14.C/o Roofing over fodder store for Gaou-sadan at Kalwal
15.C/o RCC and brick work in 1st floor of Sarai No-3 in Lower bazaar
16.P/f stainless steel railing on steps from satsang hall to canteen-1
17.Roofing on path from canteen No-1 to Bakra -Sthal
18.C/o Gate and repair of toilet at Sanskrit college Chakmoh
19.Repair of damaged polycarbonate sheet roof from gate No-1 to Pipal tiyala2013
20.C/o R/wall along path from charan-paduka to baba ji ki Talai
21.C/o civil work of fodder store of Gaou-dasan at Kalwal
22.Providing divider with Steel along path from gate No1 to canteen No-2
22.Providing roofing over Gaou-sadan at Kalwal2012
23.C/o civil work of Gaou-sadan at Kalwal
24.Modification of Dhuna in Temple Complex
25.P/f vitrified tiles in ground floor of sarai No-4 in lower bazaar
26.P/f aluminum shutters& chowkhats in bath rooms of various sarais
27.C/o R/wall –II towards valley side near sarai No-3
28.Providing water proof treatment over terrace of hall behind sarai-8
29.P/f steel railing on alternate path to Gufa
30.Widening of steps and alternate path to Gufa & laying of granite
31.P/f expanded metal along ladies plate from stair & Yatri-Niwas
32.Painting & distempering in Science-block at College Chakmoh
33.Painting & distempering in Arts-block at College Chakmoh
34.Painting & distempering in BBN Senior S School at Chakmoh
35.C/o Shed for shoes and Langar material at Bus-stand Deotsidh
36.Poly carbonate sheet roof on both sides of Gufa2011
37.C/o R/wall from Rd 0/56.50 to 0/67.50 at Bus-stand Deotsidh
38.Balance work of shelter at barrier No-1&2
39.C/o R/wall for shed of shoes & Langar material near Langar
40.Improvement of curve & c/o R/wall at RD 0/102 Km
41.Special repair of steps from old Bus-stand to PWD Rest-House
42.C/o Aluminum partition wall in Senior Secondary Chakmoh
43.P/f Hand Rail between steps from gate No-3 to Gufa
44.P/f Railing along the path from canteen No-1 to Charan-Paduka
45.C/o R/wall towards valley side to protect site of sarai No-3
46.Re-grading of steps from canteen No-2 to Pipal Tiyala
47.C/o R/wall in the path of slided portion near Mata Temple
48.C/o Septic Tank for shopping complex in upper bazaar
49.Special repair of sarai No-5
50.Site development for Gaou-Sadan at Kalwal
51.P/f W.S& S.I in 1st floor of shopping complex
52.P/L flooring in front of yatri-Niwas at Sew
53.C/o Shed for issuing permit at Bus-stand2010
54.Shelter at barrier No-2
55.C/o Shelter at Bus-stand
56.Special Repair of Guest-House at Chakmoh
57.C/o Retaining along the Langar ground at Deotsidh
58.C/o Aluminum partition wall in office of Model school Chakmoh
59.C/o First floor of BBN High School at Chakmoh
60.P/F Aluminum doors, windows frame &shutters in Guest Room
61.C/o Shed for heavy vehicles near Langar
62.C/o Shed for light vehicle near Langar
63.P/F Expanded metal from gate No-1 to Gufa
64.Painting & distempering in Sanskrit College Chakmoh
65.Widening of path from gate No-3 to Gufa
66.C/o Temporary toilets in Temple complex
67.P/F wooden flooring in the office of Temple Officer
68.P/F Anit-skid tiles on steps leads to Gufa
69.C/o R/wall cross the Nala near sarai No-6 in lower bazaar
70.C/o R/wall along the path near canteen No-2
71.C/o R/wall for widening path on left side near canteen-2
72.C/o Septic Tank near sarai-5 in lower bazaar
73.C/o Septic Tank for toilet-block near multistory sarai
74.C/o Septic tank for sarai No-4 in lower bazaar
75.C/o W.S& S.I in BBN Hospital Chakmoh
76.C/o Civil work of 1st floor of shopping complex at Deotsidh
77.Providing roof of 1st floor of shopping complex at Deotsidh
78.Expansion of vehicle Parking at Bus-stand(SH:-C/o R/walls from Rd 0/0 to 0/ 60 KM)2009
79.Providing and Fixing Tiles in Suites in Guest-House Chakmoh
80.C/o Additional Accommodation to Admn -Block
81.C/o office in Ground Floor and Room No 8&9 in 1st floor
82.P/F expanded metal around Gufa darshan -Sthal
83.Balance work of Examination Hall at Chakmoh
84.Renovation of Toilet in the office of Temple officer
85.Painting work in Temple and Sarais
86.P/F Spartic Tiles in Kitchen in Canteen -2
87.C/o Septic Tank in Bus-stand at Deotsidh
88.Prov G.E. Polycarbonate sheet Roofing over main path2008
89.Special Repair of Gates at various places
90.Proving protection to slided portion near guest-Room
91.C/o Examination-Hall at Sanskrit College
92.Brass-Railing in front of satsang -Hall
93.Special Repair Link Road to Math
94.C/o Civil work in BBN High School at Chakmoh2007
95.Special Repair of Pond
96.C/o Garrage and Room above Garrage
97.Model-school at Chakmoh2006
98.Fixing of Garsa-stone at Porch
99.Replacement of marble in Temple office
100.C/o R/Wall in front of Sarai Building o/68 to 0/94 Km2005
101.Soling, wearing and M/Tarring
102.C/o Sarai Building
103.Expanded metal Railing from gate No-1 to Satsang Hall
104.Fixing of Rising main and Submersible pump at LWSS math
105.C/o Booths adjoining Bakra-sthal and canteen No-1
106.Sarai No-1 in lower Bazaar2004
107.C/o R/Wall in front of Sarai Building 0/25 to 0/38 KM
108.C/o 900 MM Dai Hume Pipe Culvert
109.C/o Two Nos of Septic Tanks for Sarai Building
110.C/o Shopping-Complex at Deotsidh
111.Fixing of brass- Railing towards valley side on steps
112.C/o RCC water Tank
113.Roofing over museum Hall2003
114.Hand Rail on Steps and path near satsang hall
115.Infiltration Gallery
116.Providing Roofing over Satsang-Hall & Bakra-sthal
117.Science-Block at Degree College Chakmoh2002
118.PHC Hospital At Chakmoh
119.Roofing over Langer
120.Link Road to Langer at Deotsidh
121.Installation of Hand-pumps
122.Roofing over ladies plate-Form2001
123.C/o Shed for Goats
124.R/wall behind Toilet block along Road to Langer
125.C/o Canteen No-1
126.C/o Rain-shelter at Barsar
127.Guest- House at Chakmoh2000
128.Sarai Over Hall near Sarai No-8
129.C/o Gate at Barsar
130.Widening of Steps near Mata Temple
131.C/o CC Steps near canteen
132.Special Repair to LWSS at Math
133.Sarai No-2 in Lower Bazaar1999
134.Bath -Rooms over Ladies Toilet -Block
135.C/o CC Path to Bihal at Chakmoh
136.C/o Gate at Garli-Chowk at Bijhar
137.C/o CC Path to Math
138.C/o Gate at Sew at Shah-Talai
139.Hall along sarai No-81998
140.Toilet-Blocks near TO Residence and Langer
141.BBN High School at Chakmoh 1996
142.Sarai No-81993
143.Sanskrit College at Chakmoh
144.Sarai No-6
146.Sarai No-71990
147.Satsang Hall and Library1989
148.Sarai No-4 in Lower Bazaar1988